van den Hul Colibri, Koetsu Rosewood Signature, SoundSmith Sussurro Mk ii

After years of focusing on medium to high compliance MM and MI cartridges (and a handful of old piezoelectrics) in various turntables, I'm finally looking to add my first serious MC cartridge.  I've long been interested in either the Koetsu Rosewood Signature or the van den Hul Colibri (XGP/XGW) and had planned to go with one of those carts.  That said, I've seen enough glowing reviews of the SoundSmith Sussorro and its progeny to make me seriously consider that as an alternate route.  I would love to hear thoughts from anyone who has experience with more than one of those carts.
The cart will be mounted in a Moerch DP6 (yellow) as the second arm on a Thorens TD 124.
My listening tastes are eclectic, so I'm particularly interested in how the carts handle a diversity of music.
Thanks in advance.

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You should really listen to them as I don’t think you know there sound. The Koetsu and  Colibri are both excellent but complete opposites in sound. 
Chakster is right. It will still play and probably sound  ok, but not it’s best with a light arm. I have had Denon 103’s and only got mediocre sound. Always wondered why all the hype. Similar compliance to Koetsu. When I got a 12” Ikeda (heavy arm) I finally heard the denon sound good.