van den Hul cartridge - platinum coils

Has anyone listened to the cartridge w Platinum coils. Any sound impression? This is the latest state of the art, as I understand it.
I bought one first, after three months I bought one more for my another turntable, so perfect was the sound, and so impressed I was. I have Grasshopper IV GLA and DDT-II, but the Colibri XPP is something special.See
The Positive Feedback article linked by Sergs is discussing a VdH Colibri XGW with a long cantilever. After the article was written the Colibri was sent back to the factory and converted to a XPW with the current style shorter cantilever. The change in sound from G to P was very noticeable. Working on aural memory since A-B comparisons were not possible, the P sounds smoother, more refined with slightly better detail. The changes were only positive. No negatives were noted.

The downside mechanically is that gold is more malleable than platinum. Thus, gold does not suffer metal fatigue as rapidly as copper or platinum. Copper and platinum corrode, gold does not. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you have the bucks I would buy the platinum.

My cartridge cantilever broke today, so I will need to make a decision quickly.
Any thoughts on spending $ 600 for a retip on a Grasshopper IV or $ 1,600 on a Grasshopper IV with Platinum coils.
My turntable is Oracle Delphi II with Eminent Technology ET-2 tonearm.