Van Den Hul carbon cables


I have few questions about van den Hul cables.

VDH brand is almost forgotten these days. But I can remember the days that there was only few cable brands in audio world and VDH was one of them. The VDH cables are rather more famous in Europe than in USA – I suppose that in USA they never had good sales representation. Also opinion about these cables are mixed as these cables are very system dependent. In low costs system they can sound awful, but in some very expensive and mature system they can sound awesome – much more toward neutrality, timbre and harmonic richness than most metal based cables. I really appreciate the smoothness and liquidity of these cables. I also appreciate Mr. van den Hul approach to scientific research in cable construction. With his cables I am sure that I do purchase well thought construction (based of course on some philosophy), not repacked and rebranded industry cables.

In the past some VDH cables were considered as very expensive and nobody thought that prices of today’s “magical” cables will costs a fortune.

But back to the topic. I would like to ask about the First range of interconnects and the Third full carbon speaker cables.

1. Few years ago the original classic First interconnect was replaced my improved First Ultimate cable that is considered as high sonic improvement over their predecessor. From technical standpoint the First Ultimate have 6 layers of braided carbon fibers compared to 2 layers in classic First. Also the screen resistance is lowered to 4.8 ohm per meter from 14.4 ohm per meter in classic First. The inner conductor is unchanged at 35 ohms.

I found few reports where audiophile found First Ultimate much better focus and dynamics and more transparent, detailed with more top extension and sparkle compared to original First. In my case I need to use longer runs about two meters between tube preamplifier and power amp, so the better solution may be First Metal Screen. The question is the Metal Screen version based on the original classic First interconnect with added metal screen or the base is newer version First Ultimate with added metal screen? If Metal Screen is based on old First I am curious if improvement reported in First Ultimate are also valid for Metal Screen version. Does anybody directly compared First Ultimate and First Metal Screen? Any idea of using First Ultimate in tube application with run about 2 meters long?

2. The second question is about experience with The Third – full carbon speaker cable. Sometimes ago it was a revelation. Does anybody have experience with them? Does newer construction from VDH like Revelation Hybrid or Inspiration Hybrid or from other manufactures can compete with the Third especially in areas like smoothness and liquidity?

Thank for inputs as there is almost no information about this great company here on A-gon.
I was a dealer for them in the late 80s and early 90s and still have the First and Second ICs and Revelation speaker cable from that period. I recently became a dealer again when I got back into audio and am using the First Ultimate MK 1 and 2 and the Metal Screened version as well. In the old days the dealers use to get a lot of technical info but that doesn't happen now. All I get from ANY of the lines I handle is the standard consumer lit so I can't answer any questions. I have found them to be one of the best regardless of price and quite cheap compared to the few in their class; Cardas and Transparent for example. I have used a 1.5 M length of Metal Screened with a tube preamp but I don't have a tube amp. HIFICRITIC regularly uses them as a reference and thinks there are aspects of their performance that are unmatched by anything else. Email me if I can help further, the VDH web site doesn't have much info but it is the best source I know.
Thank you for the input.
If you have both First Ultimate and First Metal Screen could you try to compare them at the same place and report the results?

It seems that Metal Screen is based on classic screen so there is some desidn defferences between FU and FMS.
I had a pair of the "First" many years ago and haven't really thought about this brand in quite awhile. I just went to their website and geez Louise, how many frickin' different models of interconnects can one company actually make? I'm glad I'm not a dealer for them...where would you start?
The metal screened are intended for use as phono cables with tables such as the VPI which have a junction box. They would be appropriate if you have or are afraid of hum problems. The standard VDH can pick up hum in rare cases , thus the metal screened ones. I have been able to use the standard ones on VPI, I would try them first and go to the FMS only if I needed to. Any difference between them on my system would not necessarily translate to yours.