Van Den Hui MC Silver

How does it sound? Please comment. Thanks
Do you mean Van Den Hul?
If you are referring to Van den Hul's top interconnect, I do do use it in my system. I've spent a lot of time in the past six months auditioning different interconnects,(Omega Micro, Electra Glide, top of the line Siltech, Quattro Fil among others) & found the Van den Hul worked best for me. The last point is important, because one thing I've learned from the process is that cables are always system dependent. That said, the MC Silver does just about everything. The presentation is always musical & tonal refinement is extraordinary. There's plenty of detail & air, & fine soundstage, especially the depth. I should say I play only records & most of them Classical. One aspect of the MC Silver I really appreciate is what it does with mono records. With a string quartet, for instance, which can sound congested & the instruments on top of one another, it just opens them up: creates separation among the instruments, with a lot of air in-between. There's nothing artificial about it. I think it just digs really deeply into the recording. Hope this is of some use to you. It's certainly a little-known, top-notch component worth considering.
I also have 2 pairs of the MC Silver that I have just received back from VDH (re term and new RCA) yes, they do sound very detailed. One thing you should try though is the NBS Statement II interconnect. Definitely The Best cable, in any application/ system. [email protected]
I just had an interesting experience with Van Den Hul. It was the "The Second" and not "Silver". I was trying a set of speakers that a person wanted to sell me, also his Van Den Hul The Second was run from my CD to my 383 integrated. When I reported back to him that the speakers didn't sound good he thought I was nuts. We went round and round for a about a week and a half. Finanly, I happen to remove his cable and put in one of mine and the speakers came alive. I have never heard that dramatic of a difference in changing something. It was so much so you would think the cable was/is defective. Maybe it is, or it is a really bad match for my equipment or the cable stinks, I don't know, I didn't get a chance to test it elsewhere. All I know is that I went from not liking a set of speakers to purchasing them!