Van damme UP-LCOFC VS Supra Rondo/Ply Cable

Hi all,

I am building my HT system at the moment:
5x 909 quad power amp modified
Denon DN 500AV
Oppo 105 (will be modified)
XTA D444 sound management
7 x Jim Roger 150 & 149 speaker (all modified)
Custom 2x infinity kappa perfect 12VQ for sub

After some research for best bang for cable, I found out about Van damme and supra cable.

My option are:
Van Damme UP-LCOFC loudspeaker 2 x 4.00mm


Supra Ply 3.4S or Rondo (still not sure).

Can someone tell me which one is a better cable for my system?

Anyone? I also found out about the new Quadrax. I cant find any review so far.
have anyone try the quadrax?