Van Damme

Hi all,
Has anyone tried these speakercables ?
But, i guess not because they are not made in US. UK.
They beat the heck out of my Lundgrens (SE) in my test showing of "Universal Soldier".

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I do the same thing,1st amendment,cheers,Bob
:) i was expecting a anwser like that.
Are they from Holland or Austria?
I think the Swartzenegger Terminators can beat them in all ways.
They are from UK London, England. Thats not in Kansas ;) / PMC speakermanufacture use them.
What about the Bruce Lee cable lifters? Jackie Chan i/c's?
They're not made in USA either.
There you are Snofun have been waiting for you :).

They are licensed made arent they ? Or at least some of their lifters and I/c are !?
Jackie Chan´s I/c´s r really good.
Yo Gristle - I'm in Copenhagen this weekend - what's going on here? Beautiful, clear weather, 70-75 degrees - holy smokes, Scandahoovia isn't supposed to be like this.
Hope you're getting the same in Stockholm. If you're on this site, then you should be outside instead.
Hi Snofun,
You seem to have a good time in Copenhagen. Beers on sidewalkcafes, right !? (or just work?) And yes the wheater is the same up here (very nice).

I have been sick for 2 weeks, maybe it was because of my trip to FL and GA (came home early this month). I was in FL when Katrina came - holy smokes ( holy smokes - thats nice words, i think The Ramones use them in one song.
I have a pair of these bought through bryston(what they use at shows). I sold some serious high dollar cables without any real negative effects. My gues is, they will work fine for anyone, as Im using them with really great performing equipment and they sound great!.