Van Alstine Synergy integrated: How does it rank ?

Considering a Van Alstine Synergy integrated amp, but can't find much on Audiogon about this unit. How might it rank against other IA's like the Krell S300i or the Creek Destiny 2, or other integrated amps up to $2500. Thank you
Buy a used Modwright a great integrated, can be bought for under $3k
IMO the best Integrated if you like a warmer perspective with plenty of power.
The AVA looks like a good, solid integrated. Not sure how it ranks with the others you mentioned - there is a recent review:
If you bought the Van Alstine for duress get the Double MOSFET option
For$99 much more current,and dynamics,and detail,and it run cooler.
As long as you don't need to go to 2 ohms you a refine.
Modwright is 2x + the money on a used market a steal
Or the $3,000 Signature integrated Underwood Wally has
A great integrated for that price.