Van Alstine pre-amps: Vision FL vs new Transcendence 8 Which offers better sound??

I am retooling  my audio electronics and returning  to "separates"  I need some feedback from members familiar with the performance of the Vision FL and the new Transcendence 8 pre-amp   The T-8 is an all "vacuum" tube pre-amp, whereas the Vision FL is either a hybrid, or all tube. 

Trying to determine which may have the best sound, and is the most compatible with either an Audio Research 100.2, or the ARC 150.2, Odyssey Khartago Plus or possibly the Stratos Plus.  (Van Alstine Synergy 300 power amp is $1500 and is large).   The above ARC's, and the Khartago Plus  are smaller in  size, and less bulky 

Both pre-amps are $899  Phono stage and remote control are optional and adds $628 to the base price.

One other question is whether the MM  stage  ($249), or the MM/MC phonostage. ($329) is worth the money, and competitive  to either the Graham Slee SE 2 phone stage( $410 or the Moon LP110 MM/MC phono on sale at Music Direct on sale for $399. The Van Alstine phono "options" are installed inboard and eliminate the need for another cable, and another box.   Thank you for comments and advice  

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