Van Alstine or Bryston for me?

I am looking for a new power amp for my Salk TongTower speakers. I am considering a Van Alstine Ultra 350 or a Bryston 3B-SST. These have similar power ratings and would adequaltely drive my relatively efficient speakers in my small room. But, what about sound quality? The Ultra 350 is a hybrid design with no fancy casework, while the 3B-SST is purely solid state and with a more robust chassis. Both appear to be quite innovative, built well, and widely regarded as "bang for the buck". The Bryston is a little more expensive, but there's a 20-year warranty. My main interest is how these amps sound relative to each other. Any ideas??? Thanks!
Although I have owned a variety of Bryston amps over the years and still use one as my primary amp, I have not heard the Salks so I cannot offer any personal advice although a recent report from A-gon member Trelja from the RMAF show offers this:

"With the Salk Sound loudspeakers, the AVA electronics made a good match."

Although I don't advise anyone to make a decision on a review at least someone who attended the show felt there was some synergy between the AVA and the Salks...
Ooops, I meant SongTower, not "TongTower"!
both are great..also check out these amps and pre amps more than compete with va and bryston
I used to work in a shop that sold Bryston, it's really nice but, I own Van Alstine, Insight EC+ preamp and OmegaStarEX 440HC poweramp. I prefer that to the Bryston.
I auditioned AVA Ultra 550 with Salk HT3s - excellent match. I've also owned Ultra 550 - excellent power and very good sound. Used to be able to return AVA amps within 30 days if disatisfied so easy enought to try. Only risk is shipping costs. If it comes down to a choice based on warranty, IMO you don't have to worry about AVA Ultra gear falling apart after a while - built very solidly and circuits are very well engineered. Had my 550 for years with no trouble at all ever. AVA Ultra is solid with excellent customer service.
AVA and Salk were a great sounding pairing at AKFest.

Have you inquired with Jim Salk about what might pair best or the differences you might hear between the 2 options you are considering?