Van Alstine Omegastar Preamp Vs Klyne

I just talked today to Frank Van Alstine about his new improved solid state preamp. He claims that his new version outperforms Klyne preamps. Bold statement, indeed because his preamplifier with phono section is only $698.00!!!

Has anyone auditioned this new preamp? Could it outperform Klyne Audio Arts?
Buy the FET VALVE preamp.
Yes, just like a Huyndi will outperform a Benz. Because the dealer told me.
Frank is one of the original "characters" in our hobby -- but he does build some good gear. I think Frank was either pulling your leg, or smokin' something, when he said his preamp will outperform the Klyne. I've heard a number of the Klyne models over the past 13 years, and they are superb preamps. Van Alstine's gear represents good to very good value, but they ain't in it against Klyne preamps.
Klyne Audio Arts is my favorite brand of preamp. I simply love their sound, their neatness, and their design. I have a Biotronics Gestalt straightline,low output MC preamp and I know its two previous owners. Both had excellent TTs (Linn Sondek, Sota Vacuum). Coincidentally(?), both got a Klyne SK-5A after selling the Biotronics.

Van Alstine is talking about a new Omega Star series with 'outrageous improvements'. That's what I am referring to.

Thanks. I was thinking of selling the Biotronics for about $125 here! I'll stay with it, then.

If I only had the schematic...