Van Alstine Integrated

Anyone listen to the Insight + Double Control Amp?  Just picked up the upgraded 100wpc version for my Vandersteen 2Ce Sig II's.  Franks said it would be a good fit, but having a hard time finding any listening impressions.

And heard I thought picked up meant in hand not ordered. Looking for reviews only makes be sense to me before pulling the trigger.
i have not heard that specific van alstine piece

agree - check audio circle... i recall there is a review there mentioned of the integrated amp (control amp they call it)

in general, and in my specific experiences with an AVA power amp and two DACs... frank’s work, his ear, his ethos to build good quality but not over the top and put the $ where it counts affecting the sound, not the bling ... is absolutely admirable and the sound of his gear is outstanding

very underrated (and under marketed) gear that is up there with the big boys charging much more
I've heard his pre with seperate monoblocks and was quite impressed. He knows what he is doing. 
Thanks for the info, we will see how it goes when the brown truck shows up.👍🏻 It was a good price for a well taken care of unit and Frank said it was a nice match before I made an offer, so not going to lose sleep over it.
I've read one or two articles on Van Alstine amps. I remember they were glowingly positive. Wish I had more for ya.