Van Alstine

I just purchased a used but flawless Van Alstine Super Pas 3 pre-amp. I need some info from all you tube gear guys out there.

I am using SS amps (Proton D1200's) Is there any thing I need to know in advance whiule I await the arival of my "new" tube pre-amp?

Thanks in advance.

THe only thing I can think of that you might possibly face is if the output of the preamp is too high to make using the volume control convenient. I have a Dyna PAS 3 that I had to buy attenuators for. But, really, just wait and enjoy!
Van Alstine has a forum at Lots of great info there as Frank monitors it himself.
Yep. I'm always amazed at the number of people that post questions on forums rather than contactng the manufacturer directly.
well actually my question refers to the sound, not the mechanics. I was wondering what to expect form this tube preamp. But then I guess I wasnt clear on that. I am presently using a B&K PT-5 and Proton D1200's.

oh and one other thing on the speaker selector knob it shows several selections, I know what the A, B, A+B is, but what are the others off to the left?

Well I recieved my preamp today and it arrived as listed, it sounds very very good. All be it it is kind of smallish. I am simply amazed at how such an old design can compete and even surpass my modern day gear I have. To my ears it sounds better then my B&K PT5, better then my Adcom GFP-710, and every other pre I have on hand, however, the B&K does equal, even surpass' this pre in bass responce and asthtics.

I wish it had dual pre outputs.

Other then that I am very happy, funny thing is, it has new tubes in it, I think I got a very good deal.