Vampire Wire circa 1983

I have just sold a pair of Vandersteen 1B speakers on Audiogon. When we bought the speakers in 1983 Salon 1 in Wisconsin Rapids (in his house) he also recommended Vampire Wire TM by Sound Connections Intl, Inc made in the USA (printed on the plastic cable housing). I talked to a gentleman at Vampire Wire and he said it sounds like an original wire they produced around that time. It is comprised of 30 or 40 tiny copper wires X 7 or 8 bundles woven into a rope and covered in the plastic. There are two of these stuck together. I have about 95' of this stuff. I just can't seem to find out if it is worth selling and for how much or should I just junk it? I could use any help as I have run out of ideas.
I remember that cable. My brother in law has them. In fact he just upgraded to Kimber 8tc which he likes a lot better. It was less money than the 'Monster' cable and didn't corrode like the Monster cable did back in those days. It was a huge step up from lamp cord ;) Someone may need that length for a surround set up.
I used to have some Vampire interconnects years ago when I was starting out down this road and as Xti6 implies Vampire makes and made some very good "beginner" cables. Why just offer them on here at a very nominal fee or give them to a budding audiophile that you know? Since they hold no real value for you apparently there would be no loss and it might really be a boon for someone just starting out.
I would cut in a few feet and strip it and make sure it is not oxidized, if not, it is either high quality OFC or OCC with PVC dielectric. Value, again as long as it is not oxidized is around $1.50 to $3.00 depending on gauge and if it is OFC or OCC. I would call back and talk to Jessica and see if she remembers if they were doing OCC back then.
Stuart Marcus, Sound Connections is the man to talk to.