Valvet A3.5 Block with Merlin VSM ?

Anyone listened to these monoblocks with Merlins.
Due to ridiculous hi price for NOS tubes I´ve considered
getting a class A SS amp.
Read several reviews on Valvet all very positive and wonder how they would sound compared with tube amps.
Would really appreciate some feedback.
Many Thanks!
So, you've concluded that tube amps only sound good with NOS tubes? My VAC amps and pre sound great with new production tubes. If you like your current amp, find a good dealer that can properly test and match tubes for you and keep experimenting with new production. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If you really want SS, call Bobby at Merlin. He can steer you in the right direction.
Hi Cruz!
I´m sure there are good new productions out there.
Unfortunately I don´t have opportunity to test free at home. I could do some tuberolling but its going to be expensive if I have to try a lot. I´m interested in EL34 and would like to limit the test to a few "good" brands.

Many thanks!
BTW, you have a very nice system.
I have to agree with Cruz as I have a VAC preamp that sounds excellent with the current production VAC tubes. In my EL34 based Shanling SP80s I have tried many different quads of current production tubes including: reissue Mullards, Tung Sol reissues, Svetlana, Genlex KT77,(all New Sensor Corporation manafactured tubes), and SED Winged C tubes manfactured by the original Svetlana corporation. The SED tubes, in my system, perform the best. Each time I removed them to try a different brand they ultimately were placed back in service. I just purchased another quad of the SEDs, well matched and tested, from Jim McShane and understand from him that the price will be increasing ~50% in the very near future, but even after the increase they will still be a price I find reasonable compared to NOS tubes. I have not tried the new Shaguang Treasure Series tubes though, and I understand they are also excellent.
When I last owned a EL34 based amp, the SED's were also my favorite. I've also heard good things about the Treasure tubes. Jim McShane is an excellent resource and all the tubes I have purchased through him have been very good and very durable, which goes to the importance of proper testing. To the OP, you can find Jim's contact info over at Audio Asylum. Good luck.
Hi Guys!
The SED´s have to be on my list.

Many thanks!
hi everybody,

I run Merlins in order of appearance with

CJ Premier 11 (nice n slow, slighty fat, blotched memory)
Einstein absolute tune OTL/Mosfet integrated: Wonderful, cool.
Berning ZH 270, the real thing. fast, impressive, expressive.

as an afterthought: Accuphase E550 and Sugden Masterclass Poweramp, both fantastic class A amps where really great.

Have now moved to ZH230, and I am completely overwhelmed; i cannot think it can go better - even though, and I will have to go down that lane at some stage - I have not tried the Ars Sonum..

happy trying out. That is to say, probably Valvet Class A can be fantastic, I have heard a wonderful pre of Knut's
Hi Cruz123!
I´ve got a quad of SED´s from Tyler & Chelsea at TC Tubes.
I must say I had preconcieved conceptions before listening to these tubes. These are wonderful tubes and definitely worth their price. Sound started to really bloom after about 70 hours, especially articulation on voices and gets better. Soundstage better then ever due to good matching.
Glad I didn´t rush of for an SS-amp.

Many thanks from all of you!