Valves. Brimar Mazda ECC83 grey ladders plates NOS 1962-1972


I want to upgrade my cdplayer with new old valves ,NOS.

Does anybody know something about this valves:

Brimar - Mazda ecc83 grey ladder plates, NOS, 1962-1972.

I think, that are valves, which produced Birmar for Mazda.

Are they similar to the Mullard ecc83, NOS?

Are they playing in the same class?

What's characteristic for the valves?

Please excuse my bad English!

Thank you very much for your help!

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I know that Brimar did make valves with the Mazda name. Typically, Brimar is slighty less warm than Mullard but have more extended highs and low-end. Highs and mids are very smooth. Both made in UK.

The best choice is the Mullard Longplate square getter, but very expensive. Mullard boxplate is also excellent and more affordable.
Brimars are great, just a different sound.

Thank you.

Does anybody know something about this concrete valves?
Excuse my bad English. You wrote about brimar valves generally. Does anybody know exactly THIS valves? 🙂
Brimar fuse looks rather interesting, too. Silver, gold, cryo, Quantum something or another.
The Brimar ECC 83 is the same type of tube as any other brand ECC 83.   The American designation for this tube is 12AX7.

Brimars are good tubes but it is not possible to say how it will sound in your system.  lowrider57's description is about as close as we can get.
Sorry to divert from your specific question, but I am trying to imagine where you would use a 12AX7/ECC83 in a CD player. Typically, CDPs that use tubes, use them in a capacity that would not be well suited to an ECC83.  Are you trying to replace "like with like", or are you experimenting with changing the tube type, as well as the tube brand? If you would divulge the name of your CDP, that would help.  Thanks.
Thanks a lot for the answers. The name of the Cdp is Lua Appassionato, famous player and H Lua is an authority and I m not afraid that he could do wrong things. Last year he used Mullard Ecc83 valves,  now for the actual upgrade he use the Brimar Mazda grey plate valves.

background of my question is a Test from watford valves, Derek Rocco. He Tested many valves, also the Brimar cv4004 and the Mazda greyplates, and that seems to be valves with a different sound. So there seem to be differences between Birmar valves and that is the reason I asked for the sound of theMazda ecc83 greyplates. Does anybody know this valves?
I have a doge 8 pre, and Lua is the name for doge in Germany...In fact it depends a lot of your taste and the CD player.
On my pre the Mazda grey plate was common, I prefer the silver plate but in Somme occasion people may found it too bright.
For me the basic Mazda grey plate was lacking high and air.
I finally settled on philips heerlen factory which have a lot of air.
You can find cheap mazda on eBay to try.
There is probably a difference between brimar and Mazda grey plate but it is not night and day.
For 12 at7 I found the Mazda to be great but lacking high with some electronic but with a good 3 d on the soundtage.

The Brimar cv4004 is a boxplate which is a military spec valve. It has a very different internal structure than a grey plate and will sound different. I have the boxplates and they have sweet mids with smooth extended highs.

There are different versions of the Mullard ECC83; short grey plate, longplate with square getter, longplate with O getter. They all have warm sonics, with the longplates having a better soundstage and deeper bass. 1950’s would be the best.

If the Mazda has grey ladder plates it will sound very different than a CV valve.

There is very little tech info on the net about the Lua, but it does seem to be a very unusual piece, apparently using tubes for some functions other than as an output buffer, where the 12AX7 would not be a good choice.  Probably the 12AT7s serve that purpose.