Valve/Tube Newbie

Hello All,
Greetings from a relative newbie.
Am looking for suggestions for valve[tube] pre/power amp separates to upgrade my [mainly] vinyl system [Thorens/SME Deck, Spendor S8 Speakers].

Pre-amp clearly will need a phono stage, and a couple of line stages also needed for other sources.
Not fussed about remote control.
Ideally looking for designs of both pre/post with the valves exposed/visible.
Budget is around £5-6K- any suggestions gratefully received..
Since you put your price range in Pounds, I'll assume your in the UK. You can probable get an EAR 868 pre with phono and a smaller EAR power amp used for 6K.
Check out Rogue Audio !
"Ideally looking for designs of both pre/post with the valves exposed/visible."

Is this system going to be used, or is it more for show/occasional use?
Might consider tube pre with solid state power amp given sensitivity of speaker
Can't expose tubes with a solid state amp !
I would suggest the VAC160i or VAC160iSE - both are integrateds from VAC putting out 85 wpc. A very high quality MC phono stage is available on the 160iSE version as an extra, but there is also one on the 160i which is likely very good. VAC is one of the great tube brands. You might check their web-site to see what they do. The 160i can probably be found on Audiogon from time to time inside your budget. I did see one of the SE version sell very recently here for just about within your budget but that may have been a fire-sale. MSRPs for both are probably above your budget. Anyway while both are great, the latter is really superb. I actually own the 160iSE myself. For what it is worth, there is a thread on this here on Audiogon that I started just over a year ago. Not sure whether VAC will do a 220 conversion for you on a US version, you would have to check. Nor do I know what UK prices are.
What solid state amp has tubes to expose ? The OP wants a tube amp with exposed/visible tubes. If I'm missing something please let me know !
Yogiboy , yes I am fully aware that a solid state AMP doesn't have tubes. I suggested that he consider pairing a tube pre with a solid state amp given the "lower" sensitivity of the Spendors. The solid state would provide more power. Read before being condescending
Facten, excuse me but did you read his post? Why would he want solid state when he is looking for tube gear. I think you should go back and RE-READ his post ! BTW,I've owned those Spendors and they don't need more than 50 watts.
I think the OP wants to buy tubes mostly for show. If he wanted this stuff for listening, he probably would have given more information.
There is another possibility. One might like an exposed tube amp, as I do, so that the logistics of swapping tubes are easy. And that is something that the VAC responds very well to.
Thanks all for thoughts so far.
Yes, am based in the UK.
The system is very much for use rather than 'show'.
Whilst there are aesthetic considerations in having the Magical Lightbulbs on show it does, as Agriculturist says, make swapping them out easier.

Would also be happy to consider a separate [tube] phono pre-amp if that increases my options.
Yogiboy, I will end with this , yes I understood what he was looking for and offered and alternative which you didn't understand
Facten, Okay,have a great day !
"The system is very much for use rather than 'show'."

If that's the case, you should know that the products that everyone's recommending, are all very good, but not generic sounding. The sound will vary quite a bit from piece to piece. If you buy based on opinions and reviews, there's a good chance you'll be disappointed.