Valve Audio from South Africa

I was looking for a high powered integrated to drive my magnepan 1.6s when someone was nice enough to direct me to this amp distributed by Music Direct.

I bought a B stock unit and I'm thrilled with it.
Anyone else one anything from Valve Audio?
I had a Predator for a while before going to separates. It is an awesome amp, super power, great tube sound. Built like a tank. Doesn't seem to get mentioned around here very much but I believe it's one of the best.
I first had an Exclame 100W for a year and then upgraded to a 200W Predator 18 months ago - awsome amp. I am putting together a system with separates (HT included) right now and might just go with the VA Black Widow power amps - they are stunning! Look out for the new phono stage - the Whisper.
I am happily using a VA Exclame 100 amplifier.
Another happy Valve Audio Predator owner here. Went and purchased a used Predator from another member here on the forums. Current configuration is:

Valve Audio Predator
Audio Physic Spark IV speakers
REL R205 subwoofer
DIY silver interconnects (VHaudio recipe)
DIY cat5 speaker cable (VHaudio recipe ~2001)
MHDT Labs Paradisea+ DAC (w/ Raytheon tube)
Echo Gina24 sound card for digital out from PC

The Predator replaced a Simaudio Moon I-5 (latest version) that wasn't satisfying due to sterility. The Spark's are known to be fairly transparent so this may have been the I-5's fault, or it could be the DAC, but the Paradisea+ is known as a warm and full sounding unit because of the buffered tube output stage. Part of the dissatisfaction with the I-5 could also be chalked up to my previous amp which was an Anthem Integrated 2 (tubed 6922 preamp stage). Going back to solid state just didn't do it. The soundstage lost it's three dimensionality and the warm sound was gone. I found myself listening to the gear just to justify the money that had been spent on the equipment.

After enough of that it was decided a new amp and/or preamp was needed. Other integrateds that were considered were the Valve Audio Exclame and Unison Unico. There was also the though of a Sonic Frontiers pre w/ solid state amplification from companies such as Classe, Bel Canto and PS Audio.

The decision to purchase the Predator was based on limited feedback found searching the web. Not many people own this gear and reviews are scarce (though there is a review on the Valve Audio website from a little known publication named 'Tone Audio' iirc). From what little could be gleaned about the Predator it seemed it's 200wpc rating would translate into good dynamic low end power. One thing that really drove me away from the I-5 was it's lack of low end dynamic ability, obviously a result of it's 70wpc rating. The Anthem Integrated 2 on the other hand is a seriously dynamic amp but with slightly colored bass which seems to give it that dynamic ability.

Now the sound. The Predator's clarity smokes the Moon I-5. People rave about how transparent the Moon is but this unit is a serious upgrade in that department. Everything sounds better. It just plays music. The only area where the Moon has an advantage would be the apparent speed, but to my ears it is unnaturally fast. At times the Predator sounds fast, and other times slow, all depending on how the recording is supposed to presented. Bass is nice but seemingly on the light side. The Spark's had to be moved 2" back towards the rear wall to liven up the sound a bit. Soundstage was slightly compromised but it was worth it. The sound is punchy and full (though not in the same way the Integrated 2 had punch - which was probably not an accurate representation of dynamics my ears are now realizing).

Note the Predator uses 4x 6922 and one pair of the stock Electro Harmonix were swapped out for Amperex Orange Globe 6922's.

The Predator retails for $1300 more than the Moon I-5 but it is worth every penny. The only downside is that it seems it is a bit faster than the Rel R205's amp. Perhaps time for a subwoofer upgrade.

For any moderate sized room the Valve Audio integrateds are probably more than sufficient for most folks. Also, the seeming lack of bass could be due to the Spark speakers and their rather small 2x 5" woofers.