Valve Amplification Company (VAC) "Vintage" preamplifier MKIII: how does it sound?

I have been offered a Valve Amplification Company (VAC) "Vintage" preamplifier MKIII but have been unable to find any review about it.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
I never saw or heard VAC equipment.

tubes, remote control, looks like a very full featured versatile unit.

phono stage was optional, included? how configured: MM or MC?

IF no phono, can you get it added? If not you get separate phono unit.

oem pdf

simple search ’vac mkIII’

VAC variations for sale

It has a MM/MC phono stage included, no remote.
The VAC “Vintage Mk3” and “Renaissance Mk3“ are not the same units or design (based on tube compliments).  The Vintage was a few models prior to the Renaissance. VAC designs are very well engineered and musical.  If you call the factory they will answer your questions and give you honest insight on this unit as well as be there to continue to offer service even on their earlier models.
I bought a VAC Vintage MK2 back in 1995. I never had it upgraded to the MK3. It is still in my system. I've had a few other preamps and or phono stages over the years to audition and never really found one that bettered the VAC. We use it almost every day. Right now I have a pair of Golden Lion 12ax7's in the phono stage and new style Mullards for the rest. It has been bullet proof since I bought it. One note, if you do by one, the line stage inverts phase. Happy listening
Mike A.