Valuing a collection of music (LPs and CDs)

Hello all,
I am in New Zealand. I have a substantial collection of audiophile vinyl LPs and gold CDs (both current titles and out of print titles) that I am trying to have valued for the purpose of insurance. NZ is a small country and there is no-one here with the experience necessary to perform this task. All titles are on an excel file, one page for LPs and the other for CDs. I am willing to pay for this service, and am hoping one of you can put me in touch with someone who is able to help me. Thanks in anticipation for your responses.
If you enter them all in Discogs it will calculate the value. The Discogs app makes entering your collection a pleasure with features like barcode scanning. Discogs is better for popular music than classical but has very accurate and current valuations that are release specific. It’s also very acceptable for insurance purposes
Thanks czarivey. Am a bit of a novice with this site. How am I able to get in contact with you?
locality matters on evaluating.
on discogs you will see prices such as minimal sold for and maximum sold for; when you try to list, you will get statistics per listed condition.
if you’re going to check each item on discogs, you might as well list ones you want to sell without wasting much time.
some of the records i sell locally i can get better price than on discogs, because shipping also devalues records.
czarivey: To your earlier comment about having experience with this, would you PM me; I’m interested in knowing more. Where are you located?
There are a number of web sites you can use to get valuations. For LPs has listings in all categories.  For jazz Gsjazz has lot of listings especially older LPs.  Both EBay and are good sources I have found many items in my collection  listed there for sale. 
Discogs is another good source. I buy a lot on there and a lot of items have multiple listings including condition and you can determine an average current price. 


I have huge vinyl collection, CD, DVD, EP'2, 45's    etc. (3500 Lps) I would go with discogs DIY option. There is music collection cataloging software available as well.