value question

i have a collection of 39 albums from franklin mint of greatest albums of the big band era. each album is individually boxed any ideas of the value?
They are probably of value to someone. How much is anybody's guess. Put them up for auction here and you'll find out for sure.
rdr4b is missing the point. these are not original albums and artwork but rather rare recordings --- many of which do
not appear on any album. Real collectors would love to have many of the rare performances found among these records. all
are pressed on virgin vinyl and each box of 4 records comes with a 50 page booklet detailing the players and information about each song. it really IS a wonderful collection for true lovers of jazz, not matter what the price. Originally they sold for @ $12.50 per album, or $50 per box, $1,250 for the entire collection.....just a reference for anyone looking to buy or sell.