Value Power Cords- LessLoss or Triode Wire Labs?

I'm trying to gradually upgrade my system with some new /used power cords in the $400-$500 range. LessLoss and Triode Wire Labs cords seem to get great reviews. Has anyone tried them both and have any thoughts on either? Also other possible suggestions in this price range? Thanks for any help
I have tried both cords. The Lessloss I sold after a while. I remember it as being rolled off in the highs. That was not what I was after. The Triode 8 I own now and have used it with my Bryston amp. I can't make up my mind about it. Keep in mind that power cord perfomance, as I'm sure you know, is very highly system dependent and even component dependent. And, opinions about power cables are highly subjective. In any given system, both those cords could and should be excellent; it will depend on the many variables that affect a given system's sound. Buy them, try them, and listen for yourself. If you don't like what you hear, you will probably end up reselling. Or, like some of us, they will be laying around somewhere, until you use them in some other system configuration.
I haven't tried the Less Loss, but I have tried many others, like MAC's, Kaplan's, Asylum cord, and a few of the other large, well known companies (to remain nameless here).

To keep it short, my system now consists of Kaplan's and TWL power cords. Foster is correct, one cord may not work best in all places. You need some trial and error and comparisons to find what works and sounds best to you on any given piece of equipment. But I can say that the TWL cables have sounded great in the vast majority of places I used them. And for the cost they are a steal.

I believe they also offer a return guarantee, but I doubt he gets many (if any) back.
Pete of TWL will give you a trial period. I recommend trying them out! I use Kaplan, TWL and Sablon...
TWL does offer a 30 day trial.
Try to find a used Kubala Sosna Fascination power cable.These frequently appear at around $300 and make heck of a value (mainly for sources and preamps).
Lessloss cords have been compared favorably to the MAC HC. I use the MAC HC on my tube amp but replaced th MAC I was using on my phono preamp. I use the Soundstring Digital now.
I am in love with Pangea power cords.
Just got a four meter Pangea AC9ES and very impressed with it in the wall to pwer condditioner location.
All my prior IEC cords are Pangea, and no AC9SE. So the latest is an AC9SR. I think it is great.
Amazing IMO how I can actually hear a difference just swapping out a two meter Pangea AC9 for a four meter Pangea AC9ES between the wall and power conditioner.
I bought the AC9ES to put between the conditioner and amp, to replace another four meter Pangea AC9. But though i would break in the AC9SE in the wall to power conditioner position. I was really suprised I could hear a difference right off.
I now am so pleased with the current position I plan on leaving it there and just getting another one for the PC to amp position.
The noted differences, subtle but clearly there: more dynamics, better mid to low bass, and general more like without conditioner (for things which conditioners curtail, yet all the positives conditioners bring remain.)
I am pleased.