Value of Transparent MusicWave Super Speaker Cables

Anyone know what the value of an 8' pair of these cables would be worth. I'm looking at selling them on this site.

Thanks in advance!
Use eBay as a resource for pricing. Are your cables the MM1 or MM2 version?
now that the Gen 5 is out, lots of used ones for sale to check prices. There were also a few versions of Super prior to the MM
when you check for which version you have, it won't say MM1 but rather MM, it unofficially became MM1 after the release of the MM2

another thought, you can contact an authorized Transparent dealer/retailer and post your query. Keep me posted & Happy New Year!
Are you just trying to sell or step up in cables?   Not sure if you know that Transparent has a trade in policy so they'll take your cables in trade for x$'s and replace with a current or higher end cable.   Transparent dealers will have the details here...