Value of Sennheiser Orpheus headphone system?

Folks: I have the opportunity to purchase a Sennheiser Orpheus headphone system at what I consider a reasonable price. Frankly, I don't think I'd buy it to keep, but to sell onward, hopefully at some profit (so I can buy other stuff I need more). The question is, however, given the limited production of these units and hence general lack of "consensus" pricing for used units, what does anyone imagine the "going rate" would be for an Orpheus system in excellent condition? I know what they sold for new -- I doubt that the value has increased, but how far do you think it has fallen off the original $15000 price? Thanks for any thoughts you have.
you should be able to get a pretty fair consensus over at
I'll make it easy for you. Email me privately with a price. I might offer to buy it from you - this way you could purchase the gear knowing how much profit you can make.
It is such a rare item that is is difficult to say. The rarity could work with you if there is demand to back it up.
I personally try to flip things that I know. If I had to guess I would suggest you pay 30-40% of list and attempt to resell for 55-60% of retail or possibly more.
They are valued at or above the original selling price. Take swampwalkers advice and go to and do some searching. I doubt you would have any trouble reselling and turning a profit if you get it priced right.
I just saw that there is an Orpheus for sale at Ebay. I'm strongly tempted, but with pricing an order of magnitude better than what I would normally consider, it would be very interesting to get some feedback on the real value of these things. Does anyone have a good handle on the resale value of the Orpheus?