Value of Mcintosh MX-110


I just got my hands on a original Mcintosh MX-110 preamp and I wonder if anyone know the (selling) value of this?
It got stored away in the early 80's by the first owner, is fully original (tubes and all) but without the original manual and box.
It also have the original wood-chassie.
There are no dings or anything else that reduces the look, in fact it looks brand new.
The reson for me asking is that I think it's too much of a pre for me and that it deserves a better home.
Hope anyone can give a small indicator of it's value.
Thank you.
I will take a crack at in. I have seen pristine ones go for close to $2,000 but they look almost like new and don't need any work and the tubes have all been tested and there is a lot of life left on them. But, you need to see what version yours is. The ones I spoke of above were for the "Z" version. Take a look in the serial number and look for the "Z". These are the ones most in demand. Most will go in the $1,000 to $1,300 range for a very nice one. There are usually a few available on ebay. Search for "110Z" in consumer electronics and then look at the completed listings to see what others have sold for. There are many folks on here who are much more knowledgeable on this model who hopefully will chime in and shed more light for you.
Best, Mike
If its in great condition $1500..If in just good condition $600-$1200. Call Audio classics in vestal NY for parts or questions.
Which series is your MX110? Mac made 3 different series of the MX110 with the z-series demanding the most money.