Value of Jensen triaxial speaker cones

I need information on how to assess the monetary value of a set of vintage Jensen triaxial cones (model B-199a) for possible resale. In addition, there are a set of Jensen coaxials, and a Knight triaxial cone (model kn800). Also, a pair of Pyler driver pro 3" titanium super tweeters.What technical specs are of particular importance when considering a prospective price to ask for from knowledgeable buyers? I do not have the technical qualifications to properly evaluate these items on my own. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
They are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. The answer may seem a bit vague but that has been my experience with vintage gear. I would search completed listings on the auction site to what they are going for to start with. You might post this on audiokarma as well as some of the DIY forums. Lots of vintage gear heads frequent those sites. That is not to say you won't get helpful answers here but casting a wider net will be advantageous. 

Awaiting Ebm's response........