Value of Futterman Amps

I have a pair of Futteman H3aa's which I am looking to sell, but have no idea what they are worth. I am not looking to get top dollar or anything, just want to find a new home for them. They work fine. If anyone out there in audioland can give me a ballpark figure I'd be much obliged. Thanks Lance
My 1999 Orion Bluebook lists two types of H3aa, the first is a dual mono pair made from 78-82 orig.retail 700, still showing a mint value of 460.00. The second H3aa listing is for a mono pair (not dual) made from 76 thru 80, original retail 1,000, still had a book value of 620.00 for a mint pair in 1999. Regards
Don Burner
I have nothing to say on topic, but thought and voted;nice of Dburner to respond. Glad I live here.
Lubachl- Just a reminder, the Blue Book is only to be used as a guide. It's intended to allow insurance companies to minimize the pay out due to loss. For the audio enthusiast, a product is valued more for what the market will bare. In the case of the Futterman H3aa, I've seen them priced at around 1500 to 1700 depending on the tubes (tube life, speares, etc...). Goodluck.
Anyone else out there have any insight into issue raised by Jctubes? I thought the motivation was to allow retailers to beat us down on trade-ins (just kidding about the retailers, but really want to know if anyone else can support Jctubes position).
Swampwalker- After having reread my post, it almost sounds as if I'm suggesting an insurance conspiracy! That was not my intent. I do feel that one function of the BB is to assist dealers and insurance companies in assuring that they not over pay for a used product. This is rarely beneficial to the general audio buyer/seller. Just MHO.
Jcbtubes- thanks for clarifying. Didn't sound totally out of line and made me wonder. Do you or anyone else know how the values in the Agon on-line "Bluebook" compare to the published book?
Original Julius Futterman OTL amps are the "Holy Grail" of tube amps due to their superb sound quality and rarity. I paid $1350 + shipping for a recently restored pair of H3AA's. No's 56 and 57. And last year's purchase of a Harvard Music Futterman single-chassis stereo OTL amp for $2500. Rare stuff and money well spent! 
Sell them to a guy in Japan they love old stuff  or fix them up .Good luck.
If the amp is unrestored a few hundred dollars is the price depending on condition and tubes. If restored then you see the bigger dollars $1000-$1500.

I would say it depends, somewhere around where @roberjerman was at and where atmasphere is at is close to the truth. If they are a basket case then all bets are off.

 The Orion  bluebook has nothing to do with retail prices. Ebay or Audiogon have more to do with that.

I have a restored Harvard Electronics Futterman with 6FW5's on a single chassis and it is a marvelous amp with my ESLs. The rumours of self destruction are way over played and untrue.