Value of DaySequerra Tuner 25th Anniversary Upgra

Has anyone had their Day Sequerra Tuner upgraded and if so what were the results? As I understand it the scope is replaced and no longer used? If this is the case then how are the problems that the scope handled being addressed? Thanks in advance for any thoughts regarding this upgrade.

I don't know if you ever received a response.

I have the upgrade, and enjoy it.  Actually, the scope was the primary reason I went for it.  They actually replace the CRT with an LED (I believe), which mimics a scope pretty well.  You get all of the scope functions, without the risk of tube burnout.

Thanks for your thoughts on the anniversary upgrade to the Day Sequerra Tuner.  I went ahead with the upgrade but have not used it yet.  Actually I have never used it since I purchased it new!
I am finally getting ready to build a home theater/stereo system and look forward to hearing the unit this summer.  Thanks for you input.