Value of classic NHT 7.1 Speaker System

I moved into a smaller place and replacing a 7.1 NHT speaker system w/ in-ceiling/in-wall system. Would like to sell, but have no idea what to ask. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. System includes:

(2) NHT ST4 L/R front towers
(1) NHT SC1 Center
(4) NHT SB1 Surrounds and Backs
(1) NHT SW10 subwoofer (for parts only, or send amp section back to NHT and they'll repair for $125-$165 - I have details from NHT - they also have a subwoofer upgrade program)

thanks again
Still nice sell for 1/3 of list. For the broken sub.. hah you might as well throw it in the trash. Or throw it in free with the speakers sale.
The only speakers worth 50% of list (used) are the top of the line stereo speakers..
(Or more, the rare top of the line classics..)
No NHT is a 'classic'.