Value of Black Widow?

I have a Linn Sondek LP-12 that I bought in 1980 that is fitted with an Infinity Black Widow arm (GF model, I think) that I am trying to decide if I should keep or sell. Due to kids, lack of quality listening time, decreasing hearing proficiency, new house, etc., I have not listened to any vinyl for a couple of years. The Linn has been sitting on a shelf in my cabinet. I have seen a couple of threads here commenting on the Black Widow. I was wondering if it might have exceptional appeal to a potential buyer or is it just another 20-year-old arm? The Orion Blue Book would suggest the latter. I would appreciate your feedback as to whether or not the Black Widow should be considered a keeper.


This is an extremely low mass arm. It works with very high compliance cartridges. Totally unsuitable for moving coils. Not really worth much. A friend of mine recently gave one away.
Keep it for your hi-fi was one heck of an arm its day (I used to own one too.)
Arm is worth around 150 dollars, 200 if in great shape with box and everything. My opinion, still a good arm, especially at that price. Still a lot of cartridges it would and will work well with.
I had one on a tweeked AR with an ADC XLM ... what a nice low budget rig! Chris
search ebay - both current & completed auctions. they usually go for >$200. elgordo, yer buddy got more $200+ stuff he wants to give away? ;~)

doug s.