Value of a used Velodyne 1812

Hey guys I have a Velodyne 1812 i'm going to look to sell soon. I really can't figure what it would be worth because I cannot find used ones that have sold anywhere. I also think due to it's size and weight shipping wouldn't be too feasible so it'd have to be for local pick up no?
Audio Advisor had some last year which were going for 4,999.00(NEW).Was going to buy one but they had sold them all.
I picked one up off of Videogon for a bit less with shipping+ paperwork to Alberta Canada which was around 7-900 from California to here.
I have thought of getting another as I asked Velodyne if a person can still buy the electronics(amp ect)if she goes.
You can but for another 3000.00
I think probably around 4-4500 tops depending on the year of the 1812.Hopefully you have the crate she came in,if not Velodyne can make one for 100.00.

Should add that on Canuck audiomart this spring a guy was selling an 1812 for 6500.00,but a 2008.
., um...what kind of room do you have that you could use two 1812's?