Value of 1956 Lee Catenoid speaker

I have owned a LEE Catenoid corner speaker since purchasing it in 1956 for $395. It is in excellent condition, has a blonde pressure laminate finish, weighs about 100 pounds and has great sound. According to an ad which appeared in "High Fidelity Magazine, October 1956, it has "new improved speakers with response from below 30 to beyond 18,000 cps. A three way system with full bass horn and electrical crossovers of 300 and 5,000 cps. Power 30 watts, dimensions 37 1/2" x 29" along wall from corner."

We are moving to an apartment and regretfully must sell it. Any ideas as to the value of this vintage speaker?

Tom Carcaterra
ive read some stuff about the catenoid but it was vague.
you might email roger russel & ask him, i do believe he has info on that speaker listed at his site.

in case your not familuar with his web site here is the address.

What driver is in it? Some sort of tri-axial most likely.