Value inquiry - Martin Logan Motion series

I'm looking to sell my current setup, but have no idea on what it's actually worth. I've spent some time trying to find other used sets, but came up empty handed. I put it up for sale and haven't gotten any inquiries so my assumption is that my price is too high based on actual value. Any insight would be appreciated.

Martin Logan Motion 12 pair - 8/10 condition
Martin Logan Motion 8 center - 9/10 condition
Martin Logan Motion 2 pair - 9/10 condition 
Denon X2000 receiver - 9/10 condition
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$1500 your total price is cheap enough. But you need someone that needs the whole lot.
Maybe you should try listing them separately, if you were in Australia I would be interested in the Motion 8.

Cheers George
+1 georgelofi
List the Denon receiver separate!
I agree on separate listings.  it's always hard to sell a component, let alone a complete system, in the current buyers market.  and local sale only makes it way harder.  since you don't have the original boxes, everyone knows the cost of having them packed by UPS is quite high. your price seams ok, just make take a few months.
same applies to Fedex or any professional packing...
Thanks for the reply guys.

The $1500 price was sort of a higher price with the understanding that I would get offered a lower price.

In reality, I was hoping that I could get about $1000 for the speakers and maybe $200 for the receiver. The wireless kits and Audioquest cables are more of a "extra stuff if you want it".

In regards to the shipping of the speakers, I can get them professionally packed relatively cheap, which I would take care of on my side. The buyer would only be responsible for the shipping costs and insurance.

With all that being said, I'm going to go ahead and change up my listing to reflect the individual items and shipping terms.
I was hoping that I could get about $1000
Wish you were in Australia, we’d have to pay over a $1000 just for the Denon 150w x7.1 Reciever.

Cheers George
Well, I've had a hard time selling the speakers as a set, even at a price drop to $650. I'm assuming that at this point, I should sell them as separate speakers (Motion 12 and 2 as pairs). Does anyone disagree with that?
sell separately, but mention the other pair in each ad