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Some previously highly regarded speakers can now be found on the used market at very reasonable prices. Examples are Aerial 10T's ($2600 or lower), Thiel CS5i's ($2900) and Vandersteen 5's ($4000) to name a few. Assuming they are in good shape (Some adds even state a recent factory refurbishing such as new foam and drivers etc.), they seem to offer an excellent value. I would like to hear from those of you with opinions on the wisdom of purchasing older models (and, of course, technology). All things considered, would I be better off spending $3 or 4k on something newer?

I understand the importance of system matching and electronics (especially with Thiels). For those of you who would like more info: (1) My room is 18' x 21' and half open at the rear; (2) I listen to ALL kinds of music; and (3) I'm currently using a Bryston 4BST, Bryston BP 25, and a highly modded Anthem CD-1 with Soliloquy 6.3's.

As always your counsel is appreciated!
Absolutly purchase older models. Many a time the older models of most highend gear can sound and be built better than much of the new gear being built today. Their are many who believe that the Thiel CS5i's are better built and one of their best sounding speakers compared to their new lineup. I would go to the "Audiocritic" site and look at some of the recommendations you will see many older models, and that spending for the latest might be just a waste of money with very little in return. Also looking at older SS/tube gear much can be saved buy looking at older well built amps,preamps and Turntables,so good luck with the hobbie.
Another you might add to you list are the Dunlavy SC-IVA's. A great speaker at a very reasonable used price. An advantage is that the drivers, though originally critically matched, are stock Vifa and Scanspeak and can be replaced (if needed) at very low cost.
With regards to the electronics part of your post-- I rec. stay away from older gear. Like as in; if a transformer goes bad you have to replace both of 'em. Maybe it's ok if that co. is still in business--OR--maybe the down time and expense of such a malady won't bother you?? I guess if you have backup pieces and are luck---???
My Tonian Acoustic 2 way bookshelves at their price point have rivaled speakers costing 2x the price

In an apples to apples comparison these 2 ways are simply outstanding for what they do

I'm afraid to report the Audio sickness in the last few months has spread and i'm now looking for a new pair of speakers. Audio insanity is what the docter's called it
i don't think the question should be new or old, but rather what speaker you like ?

perhaps, you would consider a full range or hybrid panel speaker . if so, look for a martin logan sequel, sequel 2 or sl 3, or some of the more recent martin logan hybrids.