Value, if any, of vintage TT and tone arm.

Forgive the trivial nature of my question but I am giving my old system to my daughter, 27 years old !.
it includes a Garrard 301, bought in 1968 and still purring along, and an SME 3012, bought at the same time.

The SME is the "problem". Fussy to set up correctly and I cant set it up for her.
My idea was to sell this stuff if there is a market for it and buy something simpler. Vega, etc

Any thoughts on the following questions would be much appreciated.
Q1.  Does the forum have any idea of the price this gear would fetch.
Q2.  Any suggestions on a TT/arm to replace what I have

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take a look at

Both items would sell here easily and quickly
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+1 Elizabeth! What a great combination - a Garrard 301 and an SME 3012! A true heirloom setup and worth passing to future generations!
words of wisdom.  you made me remember the almost 60 years I have lugged this gear around the world and all the fun I had with it.
Who knows. she may become an audio enthusiast yet !

Just for fun, I had them teamed with a Harmon Kardon Citation A and HKs 40 wpc tube amp that I built from kits.  good memories
Takes you back to the yesteryears.If you use it keep it.

Lucky for her, you were wise enough to ask. Bless.