Value amplification for B&W nautilus 804's

I've been in recovery from an early adulthood case of audiophile fever for nearly 25 years. An opportunity to purchase a demo pair of B&W nautilus 804's at an absurdly low price seems to have thrown me into relapse.

I'm building a system around the N804's. Economy presently forces me to consider amplification (pre and power) options at no more than $1500, so an integrated seems to be a reasonable plan. I've looked at (used) plinius 8100's/8200's (MkI), Musical Fidelity a300 and a3.2, creek 5350se, classe cap-101, and even a krell kav-300il (pushes the price). A commercial seller discussed a new sunfire pre-power stack (250 wpc), and I've also toyed with other separates (used marsh 2000 + mccormack dna-1)?

Any advice for this pair of speakers?

Have you checked this link out:

It might be helpful. Good Luck.

Thanks for the link; it was very helpful (and persuasive).



I've used an MF A300 with my N804's for close to 2 years and have been very happy it. Very musical. I've seen several used on Agon in the $1000 range. Assuming they are in good shape, probably can't go wrong at that price.

That makes two uncontested two votes for the MF a300. Most persuasive. Off to the MF classifieds I suppose.

Thank you kindly.