Valhalla or Lingo power supply for older LP12

A few weeks ago I received an older LP12, serial # 026xxx that has a simpler power supply, the bar that is attached to does not have all the holes to attach a Valhalla power supply.
I bought a lingo power supply to use with this table, but someone mentioned that the motor will not be compatible with the Valhalla / Lingo set up.
Is this true? And if it is, where can I obtain a new bar and a new motor? I prefer to do the change myself.
If anyone here can help me with these issues it will be beautiful.
thanks so much and happy holidays to all
best regards.

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Rick Duplisea at Audio Alternative in Fort Collins, Colorado is probably the premiere Linn LP12 guy in the country.

He has been a Linn Dealer for close to 40 years now.  I'm sure he has the parts you are looking and could offer advice.