Valhalla non factory termination- lower value?

How much lesser should I pay for a non factory (i.e bullit plugs) terminated Valhalla IC vs factory terminated ones ? 25%? 50% perhaps?
How well were they terminated?

Was it done poorly?

So, if they were re-terminated professionally and competently, then I can't see why it would degrade the sound. And if it doesn't degrade the sound, why would it affect the cost to any great degree?

In my opinion, assuming the re-terminations were done professionally and competently, then there should be very little discount, especially if you are buying them used, which means the cost is already discounted 40-60% from retail. Maybe a further 10% or so at most, would be my two cents worth.

(Now, if you were buying them new, then I would agree with you, and say perhaps a 25% discount would be in order.)

My thoughts on the matter anyway.
Here is what a british audio dealer says about Valhalla value:

"the resale values of
Valhalla have dropped significantly lately, especially as yours have non original terminations - even though we know the Bullets are very good, they do devalue the cable."

The market seems to devalue non factory termination in spite that almost everyone says that the bullet plugs are equel or even better sounding than the original factory termination. So i I just wonder how much the market devaluating is.
Considering that Nordost will reterminate them for maybe $200, how much of a discount is in order?