Valab Silver Power Cable - Any thoughts?

Hi everyone
I was just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these cables and what their thoughts are about them.
The positives the negatives etc....
Thanks in advance
I bought them over 2 years ago ( 3 of them ) sent 1 to many of my audiogon friends who all in turn bought their own. Not that we replaced all our cords but without mentioning names many of us gave up our 1000.00 cords in place of these.
I have nothing Negative to say. We were all surprised how this cord better low end then many of the $$$$$ cords.
You should look at his Interconnects.
Thanks Dave.
Just wondering where did you notice the biggest improvement? In CD player? Preamp? Power amp??
What is the bass quality like as well?
Thanks again
Power amp first I found a nice improvement. Then CD and last to me was Pre.
We find the cord very clean sounding, not bright but very fine definition. Low end is fast, tight and deeper then many others cords that cost 4 to 5 times more. Lot of fellows think if it does not cost $$$$$ it can't be as good.
Valab's new silver litz IC is way better than previous models. It is outstanding regardless of price. Wonder what his new power cords are like. They have made some changes recently.
Anyone tried those new PC from Valab?
I used the Valab silver digital cable as both a IC and for Spdif. Compared to AQ King Cobra its softer sounding and more forgiving. Its not at all like your avg. silver cable in that it is not the least bit bright or edgy. Its a good all around cable, not the best but certainly a very good cable with great build quality that will keep your IC upgrade demon at bay for awhile.

As far as the Valab powercords go, I have every PC they made...they are all average but sound great with better ends.

I also have a very rare Valab Silver Ribbon IC, it sounds fantastic.
so no one has tried those new valab silver PC yet?
Got the new silver PC from Valab today, all i can say its better than my PS audio Prelude in many ways. The PC is connected to my zodiac+ voltikus power supply.

I might get 2 more for my threshold amps in the near future.
TurboGti, where did u buy the cord from. Post link of Valab website please