Valab NOS DAC Obbligato Bypass Caps

I have a 2009 Valab NOS DAC that sounds absolutely great. I have read about upgrading the caps in this to improve its sonic capabilities even more.

Phill responded to one of my threads suggesting that I install some Obbligato .22uf film caps to improve the quality. I tried to Google more info on this procedure and came across a site that had a pic of an upgrade on this DAC. My problem is that the picture does not look like the Obbligato that Phill talked about.

So, I am hoping that someone can possibly tell me which is the best cap to upgrade my DAC. A sku number or a descriptve description would help a lot.

I used to work on electronics years ago, so I am not afraid of a soldering iron. I just don't have a scope nor the desire to get back into electronics again.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !

If you haven't done so already, check out this Head-Fi thread for this specific DAC and mods by various members:

Good luck,

Thanks Kenobi. That is the mother load of info on nodding this DAC. Have you modded yours?