Valab LCR-1 Mk2 Mk3

Does anyone have it to comment on if it’s great phono preamp?

With which important phono preamp can you compare?
no one who owns it or listened to it at the home of some owner?
I'm in the process of breaking a LCR-1 Mk3 in now. I've had it for about 6 weeks. I can say in my system it's very revealing. It replaced a Lounge Audio MkIII. 
I can't compare it to any other preamps because it's been awhile since I've had a standalone pre in my system.

There's threads on Canuck Audio Mart (mine) and that discuss the Valab from current owners perspectives if you'd care to read on further.


I had already read in the past comments on those forums, I wanted to understand here if there were new owners, but I believe that nobody knows this pre phono.
I can't help with impressions of this phono - sorry - I'm also interested in the Valab.
Maybe you have seen this? 
He only builds a few every month. Another Canuck Audiomart poster just ordered one and Kevin, Valab’s owner, told him that parts availability are somewhat limited hence the low production volume.