Valab LCR-1 Mk2 Mk3

Does anyone have it to comment on if it’s great phono preamp?

With which important phono preamp can you compare?
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no one who owns it or listened to it at the home of some owner?
I'm in the process of breaking a LCR-1 Mk3 in now. I've had it for about 6 weeks. I can say in my system it's very revealing. It replaced a Lounge Audio MkIII. 
I can't compare it to any other preamps because it's been awhile since I've had a standalone pre in my system.

There's threads on Canuck Audio Mart (mine) and that discuss the Valab from current owners perspectives if you'd care to read on further.


I had already read in the past comments on those forums, I wanted to understand here if there were new owners, but I believe that nobody knows this pre phono.
I can't help with impressions of this phono - sorry - I'm also interested in the Valab.
Maybe you have seen this? 
He only builds a few every month. Another Canuck Audiomart poster just ordered one and Kevin, Valab’s owner, told him that parts availability are somewhat limited hence the low production volume.