VAIC 300B amp, forgotten glory or still up to date

Dear All,

I just came across one of these, its 15 w integrated, which also can be used as power amp to. Except general 300B's he can take 320B's, AD100 and 520B's.

I know that Ayon and Mastersound were involved in the building/design process and later Ayon started their own line, which is really look like and probably based on these VAIC amps, correct me if I am wrong.
So, the question is, what kind of sound signature this VAIC 300B have and is it worth to go for it?
I really like my Cary CAD 300sei with trio of ECC33 Mullards and pair of AVVT 300B C37 tubes, but what can I expect more/differ form VAIC please?

No VAIC users around?
I have just come in to possession of a Vaic 300B SE integrated. Mine is currently fitted with Golden Dragon 300Bs and ECC82s, and Sylvania 5687s (I think - will need to check).

My currently limited experience, and given that I am running with less than optimal 300Bs, is that the Vaic does mid-range supremely well, drives tight and fast bass, and the trebles are clear, and distinct without being at all harsh.

It may give away a little in the bass when compared with megabucks solid state amps, but not much at all. It's better than most tube amps I have heard and to beat it I will need to spend far more money than I can afford!

It is extraordinarily easy to listen to - there's no fatigue at all.

We have tried a couple of pre-amps into the direct input and found that the pre-amp stage is better than expected. I'm sure it could be improved, but further testing will have to wait. Certainly, I feel it will take at least a £2000 pre-amp to make it worth using.

It's a fabulous piece of kit. I'm keeping mine. :-)