Vadnerseen 5A crossover outside

Is anyone bothered by the fact they need electricy--morecables running and also the fact hat the crossoverbox is external and ugly

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A bit of additional info to add to the points already made:

1. The Vandy Model 5 crossover housings (one for each channel) are attractively made of stainless steel (unlike the plastic crossover housing supplied with the Vandy 2Wq subwoofer), and are unobtrusive since they are located between the preamp and the power amp (the preamp outputs connect to each crossover unit, and the built-in crossover cables then plugs into the power amp's inputs).

2. As "Rec" notes, each crossover box contains a 9-volt battery which keeps the capacitors charged (Richard Vandersteen states that the batteries only need to be replaced about 7 years). Each crossover box contains audiophile-quality capacitors and resistors, and all electrical connections are made with silver solder.