Vacuum State JLTi/w its PS Parasound JC3

I have the Lyra Delos cartridge.
I am looking at both phonostages mentioned which have about the same ballpark price. vs

Could you share your experience on both if you had actually compared them? I am interested in how you would describe them sonically.

I listen to techno, electronica, pop, jazz, country stuff.
Rarely classical.

Thank you
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Vacuum State JLTi/w its PS vs Parasound JC3
ball park MSRP $2600 vs $2350, respectively
Thank you

Call Keith Herron at Herron Audio (no affiliation just a happy satisfied customer) and speak with him regarding your system and what you're looking to hear. He's a real gentleman as well.

I have a Lyra Delos as well and the Herron VTPH-2 bettered the Parasound JC3, Fosgate Signature and the VS piece, in my system.

Happy Listening!
Hi Beatlebum,
Noted your preference of Herron VTPH-2 over
- Parasound JC2
- Fosgate Signature
- VS JLTi with power supply
However, I am sorry to say that I don't want tubes in my phonosatge.

Hi Mofimadness,
Did you actually compare the JLTi and JC3 side by side? It will be interesting to hear your comments.

Thanks, guys!
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