VAC + Wilson Audio

Hi all,
This is my first post on Audiogon.

I am currently on the hunt for a pair of Wilson Audio for my current setup; VAC Signature Mk IIa SE pre-amp driving the Bryston 4B3 amp. Currently use the the Neat Acoustics SX1 that do the job.

Intention is to eventually get a VAC 200IQ power amp to drive the Wilson Audio speakers down the line. My regular dealer that deals with VAC has been trying to sell me on the new Kharma Elegance S7 (they are indeed very beautiful) but my intention is trying to keep the sound cohesive.

Just wanted to find out if anyone here who have had come across the setup (VAC+WA) before and if you do what are your thoughts? Thanks...Bob.

I know Egar, he said the 4B3 drove his Alexia's, if they did that, then your choice is easy, it will suit any Wilson, take your pick, and enjoy.

Cheers George  
Used to sell tons of Vac with the original WP 3, 5, with the Vac Ren 70.

Vac does go well with Wilson, the Kharama Elegance are fantastic speakers  personally we like them better than the Wilsons. 

However if you have your heart set on the Wilson sound then it is up to you to determine that. 

The combination of tube preamp with the Bryston is a good combo as the Bryston amps are a bit lean and the Vac Ren stuff is warm.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
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Thanks for all the responses.

Just out of curiosity, with a drop in impedance from 4  to 1.9 ohms @92hz in the Wilson Audio Sasha mk1 that I currently have on my sights, would it affect a tube amp like the VAC judging by the fact that VAC 200IQ delivers 100w in stereo ? 


Welcome! very interesting Bryston/VAC combination. What cabling are you using?  Happy Listening!

Hi Jafant

The Bryston/VAC combination is a bit odd but the Bryston being neutral it makes it more enjoyable. I had the Audio Research Reference 5 linestage with this Bryston amp before. The VAC drives any solid state amp- it has a low output impedance about 300ohms.  

My cabling is a bit of abomination 

Power- Nordost Frey 2 /Red Dawn 2 fed from Shunyata Triton v1

Interconnect and Phono - Transparent Audio Super Gen 5 

Speaker cables- Shunyata Research Ztron

I am thinking about swapping the Shunyatas with Transparent Audio pair if I get Wilson Audio Sasha 1.