VAC Standard/ REN vs. Coincident Statement

Both manufactures VAC and Coincident get glowing reviews on there preaamps: Statement and Standard / REN

But what do actual users think of these pieces? How do they differ sonically? My initial thoughts:

Coincident statement--- VERY very transparent to source
VAC standard-- more warm sounding
VAC ren -- less warm than STD, with more transparency.

Mind you these comments are NOT from direct comparison, but a review of postings and rag reviews... thoughts
I bought a used VAC Standard here a few years ago and love it.
I sort of use it as a glorified tube buffer for my CD stuff. But it makes CD sound great.
So i am one happy VAC Standard user.
I have owned a VAC Standard LE a few years ago. It's presentation is transparent, textured, and very musical with only a slightly warm personality. Quality tubes make a very large difference. The LE version employed some of the Renaissance quality parts. Recommended.
Please keep your eyes open for one for me..