VAC Standard 220 monoblocs

Any VAC owners out there have experience driving Magnepan 3.6R or 20R series planars with VAC's 220 watt "VAC Standard 220 monobloc" amps? Or any other hard to drive/current hungry speakers for that matter? I am sure they would work in an active crossover system driving just the mid-tweeter upper portion with SS amps driving the bottom but didn't know how well they would work driving the whole speaker by themselves.
Depends on how large your room is and how loud you listen. I take it you have the VAC amps already? If so then use them to drive the 3.6's full range. Not happy? Then bi-amp them and use a solid state amp on the bass panel with the VAC's on the mid/high's.
I have the 3.6's and have used just a single 75 watt tube amp to drive them to decent levels (85-90db).
Get a SPL meter and measure how loud you like to listen and you'll have a better handle on what power needs you have.
Thanks Dusty,

I do not have the VAC 220s at this time. I am currently driving the MG 20Rs with older CJ Premier 8A monoblocs which use 8 6550 tubes per monobloc and delivering 275 watts per side. Since the VAC 220s get their 220 watts from only 4 KT 88s per monobloc vs 275 watts per side from the 8 6550s in Premier 8A's, I assume the KT 88 are being pushed pretty hard. The CJ's do a fine job but I have heard a lot of good things about the VAC 220's thus the interest in anyones experience with them directly on large planars