VAC Signature mk2 vs Purity Audio Ultra?

Has anyone compared the both or owned both before? I noticed Purity Audio is using super large Cast Capacitors and Bybee Rails in the signal path. The internals looks sweet but the price is a killer.

Take a Look Here: The internals on the Ultra look top class of course when someone is asking 25 grand and up for there preamp line.
That Bybee stuff really makes the prices jump!!!
I've heard VAC equipment, and I like it a lot. I haven't had an opportunity to listen to any of the Purity gear yet.
One of the reviews online compares the statement series to the VAC Sigs, Im wandering how much of an improvment one can find with the Ultra Series at 25,000 over the VAC. The Specs on the Purity Design is top class.
VAC just introdeuced a new top of the line as well, their Statement line. I don't have any dea about the prices though. It seems that the high end is chasing the high dollar, since that is where all the dispendable income is going.
I think the new Statement phono stage is around $50K. The line stage is probably around the same, I'd guess. The air is thin at that elevation.
I love Kevin's work at VAC, I just wish he'd pay SOME attention to us lesser folks. He used to carry less expensive gear in his VAC line, in fact I'm enjoying an old Auricle preamp of his now that sold for around $2500 less than 10 years ago AND it has a nice built in phono stage. Does he sell any preamps with phono stage for less than $10,000 now?
WOW,I guess my Vac Sig IIa I had up here wasn't too bad price
50K,there's a new van plus a few holidays in there too.
I did take a look at Vac Statement pre and PH.
I to wonder how much better than the IIA or PH stage is it 2x 4x better.
The Sig MKIIa is pretty sweet.
If I was loaded with coin perhaps, just cuz.
The inside of the statement looks very nice they way she's laid out.
All in all nice looking pc's.
I think its becoming ridiculous considering the current economic climate is going downhill. I am very interested in the Purity Design, if you examine their unit design, and components each and everything they are using are exotic boutique components to high degree of performance. Its sad to see how VAC is falling into that category of the Insane pricing strategy. I was hoping they could keep their price on a competitive market but every year prices are jumping and its not by a small margin.
Hello Dragon Vibe,
You are welcome to contact me through email directly from the Purity web site if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Purity Audio Design line. I am more than happy to address any concerns you may have if you do not wish to address here.

Bill Baker
Purity Audio Design
01-18-13: Dragon_vibe
I think its becoming ridiculous considering the current economic climate is going downhill.

It's been trending that way for several years now. Just about every high end company has introduced a new top of the line product in the last 5 years that is twice the price or more of their previous top of the line product. Speakers, electronics, cables, they are all doing it. Yes, most of us are suffering in this economic climate, but a select few are flourishing, and that is who the high end is chasing for disposable cash.

They are just following the money, that's the way of life. If the economy changes, they will adapt, that is how they survive.
I heard the VAC Statement amp(auto bias version) and the new Statement linestage driving the Magico speakers at CES 2 weeks ago. The sound was good but not really special nor was it near the best that I heard at the show. I just think you reach a point of diminishing returns at a certain point(you may not agree).For far less money and still 'superb' sound I`d find a used VAC Signature MK II,new Coincident linestage or the TRL Dude with the 'Duelund CAST' capacitor upgrade.IMO these options would offer fabulous sound quality along with much(very) value per cost ratio.Put them on a good vibration control stand, find a good power cord match and just enjoy your music.
New or used Signature MKII and you would have enough left over for quite a few holidays or a pretty nice vehicle.
If when I'm in the market for a Vac again I'll go new MKII or used.
Can the Statement be 4-5 times better musically I highly doubt it.
Course if I was loaded with coin I'd go for the statement just cuz.
The VAC Phi Beta pre-amp is another option if you can find one used. Much like the MKII but has a full-function remote.
I own the Purity GT Ultra, and I love it. I have heard the VAC in a different system, but never did an A/B comparison to the Purity. The design of the Purity does allow the full-function remote control capability that made me take a hard look at it. And when I heard the sonics, my search was over. If you have specific questions about the Purity, I will attempt to answer them.
Charles1dad between the Dude with Cast caps and the CLS which would you say is a better performer?
I`ve been asked that question a few times.I heard the Dude in standard form and 'without' the CAST capacitor upgrade.I installed the CAST into my speakers and DAC and the improvement was fabulous!(no hyperbole).I can easily imagine the Dude-CAST option would be simply excellent(obviously I`m exstrapolating).As I`ve said before the CSL is stunningly good and allows a very strong emotional connection and involevment with music.The 'realism' is 2nd to none IMO.

I just believe to honestly answer your question you`d have to have both of them in the same system side by side and then make a choice.That`s the best(and only) answer I can give you.
I ended up getting the Purity Audio GT Series too. Pre-amp is over now for power amps.
Good move, Dragon. I love my Purity Ultra GT preamp. My experiences with Bill Baker and Joe Jurzec also leave me well-satisfied, as they have proven to be top-notch guys. My big 4-Ohm speakers pointed me in the solid state amp direction, and I chose the CODA 15.0 to fit the bill. I'm extremely happy with both choices. Please let us know of your final amp choice. Good luck!
I have a Clayton M300. Im am thinking of getting the Coda too and the VAC 300.1a

If the VAC is not possible looking for alternative high powered clean sounding monoblocks.

The clayton is a keeper for sure. The Coda designed and craftsmanship looks outstanding and very similar to ATI amplifiers.

The purity is very resolving pre-amp it just throws all the details on the soundstage correctly placed. The VAC is very good too as I had a used unit to play around with.
The VAC sold pretty fast which is a good thing if you are swapping gears allot. However for me purity is a keeper.

When I compared both I just felt the Purity was a step above in the sense on how it controlled the amplifier better which in turn controls the speaker. Both are very good pre-amp to be honest. The purity sounded more resolving then the VAC. The VAC was sweeter on the treble but that was a minor for me I was looking at the full spectrum. Which is I wanted something very clean and clear and emotional.

The purity amp is on the warm side of Neutral. a good balance if you ask me. The Vac felt slightly more warmer.

I used the MSB diamond DAC directly into the claytons with the MSB Volume Control the sound was pretty good. When connected through the purity Pre-amp I found the clayton Bass was more controlled. The midrange was better presented it sounded fuller and thicker. With the MSB volume the sound was thinner and less emotional.

When using the VAC pre-amp I found the MSB diamond DAC volume directly connected sounded better then having the VAC pre-amp in the chain.

Yes Bill is a top guy. Easy to work with. No issues at all. I had to wait for mine for 2 months.

I believe the Auto-former in the Pre-amp controls which ever amp you feed it, if I am right. This would mean the purity preamp can provide one with greater flexibility with SS and Tube Amplifiers and maintain a good system synergy at the same time. It is very important that the pre-amp is controlling the power amp correctly. When done correctly the Power amp then controls the speaker correctly as If its got an iron grip on the woofers.
Sorry I have the Ultra Series with further upgrades. Installing Bybee in the signal path and Cutf caps but with out the extra silvers.
I also wanted to mention. The Purity Preamp is so resolving it Is very sensitive to cables and amplifiers. You can hear the difference in the chain soon as you change something small. So the purity amp is harder to setup. Overall the purity is a step above VAC this I have found through my own investigation by changing around amplifiers, speakers and DAC/Cables. I think the price different is approx. 6000 dollars or so not sure when comparing both amps. So that's something to consider.

Im curious on how the VAC Statement Stacks up against the purity audio GT Series.

One thing I regret doing is I never opened up The VAC Pre-amp whilst it was in my possession. I am a sucker for Exotic components and wanted to see under the VAC hood. If you look at the purity audio specs you will realise no other company has done what bill has done in his designed. Basically its like leaving no stone unturned he has used the best of everything and created a master piece.
I`ve read only excellent comments concerning the Purity Audio preamps.I believe this unit will keep you very happy for years to come.
Thanks Charles, the purity is going to be in my listening room for a very very long time.
Excellent choice.
Please check you pm over AC.