VAC sigma triode preamp?

Wondering if anyone has any experience with these? Very little info about them on the web - they don't seem to have been reviewed anywhere. Released in 2008 as best I can tell, 6-7k range. One is available with the MM/MC option for what seems like a decent price and I'm curious. I currently run a Shindo Auriegies MM into a Primaluna Dialogue Premium amp and while I love the Shindo sound not having a remote is proving challenging for me. I've also been very curious about VAC gear for a while, been close a few times on pulling the trigger for a Phi 200. Thanks - Dave
check out
He can build whatever you want .
Very Good bang for the buck.
The Motherlode pre-amp is under your budget,and iam pretty sure will compete with almost anything out there

VAC is a great co with top shelve service and sound however i would be looking at a much newer model as the sound is much better.Pull the trigger already life is to short to wait.Enjoy whatever you do.
To be clear - the VAC sigma triode retailed when new for 6k with a 1600 mm/mc option. The used one available near me is much cheaper than that and it has the mm/mc phono stage. There is not a current VAC pre that I know of that is in my price range, especially one that has a phono stage.
If the older model sounds great then buy it and enjoy.