VAC sigma 160 vs. Primaluna HP vs. other

Alright, it's about time to upgrade my amp...been a student/trainee for the past decade and finally ready to change it up a bit.  

2 channel and vinyl only (may add a drive system at some point). 

TT: VPI TNT VI with Benz H2 wood body
Phono: Graham Slee Era gold V with PSU-1
Speakers:  Wharfedale Jade 5's (currently...may also change soon)

I've been deciding between separates or stick with an integrated.  I think for cost purposes right now, I'm almost stuck with an integrated (would like to stay below 10k).  

I've always been intrigued by VAC...hoping to actually find a 300.1 phi beta integrated at some point though rare as hell.  Which leads me to my question.  What are your thoughts on a used VAC i160 sigma vs. the primaluna HP.  The thought of the option of the KT120/150 in the primaluna is the reason I'm thinking about that integrated (along with the overwhelming great reviews).  

If you are interested in investigating other possibilities, I would recommend looking at the Line Magnetic integrateds. I recently bought a Line Magnetic 508ia, and it is simply remarkable.

Thanks!  Been looking at the LM line recently; very intrigued; just worry about being able to push my speakers--87db, 6ohms; smallish room.  Was a 219 for sale that is really tough to pass up; as well as an Allnic T2000