VAC's Phi Alpha 160 mono amp

I really like the looks of VAC's Phi Alpha 160 mono amps and VAC is known for making great amps. Does anyone ot there have experience with these amps?

Possible use wth Reference 3A Grand Veena seakers.
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overkill, but great.
Vac and Reference 3a is a great combination. I'm currently driving the Dulcet mini-monitors with the now-discontinued VAC Auricle Musiblocs. They put out 75W per channel. The new Phi Alpha 160 has even more power and should have adequate reserve to drive the Grand Veenas assuming you don't have a room the size of a gymnasium. I would imagine that you'd be happy with the combination. If I had the discretionary income handy, I'd personally spring for that combo in a heartbeat.
As Jaybo said, overkill.

Find a VAC amp with ultriode mode, and you'll experience a more three
dimensional image than the ultralinear mode provided on the Alpha 160.

Also consider Atma-Sphere M-60 or MA-1.